At Global Medical Solutions Australia (GMS), weutilise our extensive local and global businesspresence and expertise to deliver customer centricsolutions in medical practice. We strive to achieveoutcomes above and beyond customerexpectations through our fexible and collaborativeapproach. 

Founded in 2003, Global Medical Solutions corebusiness of centralised pharmacy has expandedand diversied to meet the increasing demands ofour customers. Entrusted with this condence,Global Medical Solutions has become Australia’sleading supplier of medical imaging products andservices. 


  • TGA/GMP Approved Centralised Radiopharmacies Across Australia

  • Accessories, Equipment & Product Finding Services

  • Department Design, Documentation & Construction

  • Radiation Dosimetry Solutions

  • Service & Calibration

  • PET Cyclotron Facilities

Our innovative and dynamic organisation recognises that to maintain our high standards we must attract and retain exceptional staff. Our diverse staff consists of Chemists, Nuclear Medicine Technologists, Architects, Engineers, Physicists and many more. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, you can be sure that we understand the nuances and complexities of your business. Our professional and dedicated staff specialise in the provision of effective and innovative solutions tailored to your individual needs. 

 YOU CAN'T BUY EXPERIENCE IN A SHOP.... With significant experience in design, construction and equipment specification in both Nuclear Medicine and PET suites, GMS have assembled a team that can take an empty space and deliver a project that is customised to the client’s needs. GMS can advise on appropriate equipment from the concept phase which can be integrated at design stage to ensure efficient workflow, aesthetically pleasing design and finish, and superior construction.

Along with our builder we have designed and developed details such as hinges to carry the weight of lead lined cabinetry, mobile shields and our ‘dose on a stick’ manual PET isotope delivery system. GMS have completed design, specification and construction of many PET and general Nuclear Medicine Hot Laboratories in both Australia and New Zealand, where we were engaged as consultants in Radiation Safety / Design and Construction.  

GMS worked closely with the client’s personnel, physicists and project team to deliver a unique, purpose built facility to the client’s brief, that meets all governing body regulations, such as ARPANSA, EPA, BCA and all applicable state and federal legislation. GMS are the leading provider of many Nuclear Medicine, PET and Cyclotron related capital equipment.This puts GMS in the unique position of incorporating their intimate knowledge of equipment in workflow, resulting in efficient layout and design. It is desirable that clients are well briefed on their choices as it has far reaching consequences on the layout of the workspace and selection of accessories.