Established in 2003, GMS Australia continues operate at the cutting edge of nuclear medicine technology – we offer a comprehensive range of nuclear medicine equipment, consumables and accessories, all designed to provide a truly safe and efficient service to patients. 

Whether you are in need of a syringe shield, radiation monitor or dose calibrator, GMS has multiple alternatives to suit the specific needs of your department and to compliment your existing equipment. We are even able to work with you to design, manufacture and supply one-off shielding solutions in tungsten or lead.Our extensive nuclear medicine product range covers the following:-

  • Dose Calibrators

  • Dose Calibrator Accessories

  • Electronic Dosimeters

  • Gamma Counters

  • Syringe & Vial Counters

  • Shielded Transport Containers

  • L-Blocks & Mobile Shields

  • Beta L-Blocks

  • Radioactive Sources & Phantoms

  • Radiation Monitors

  • Radiation Survey Meters

  • Personal Dosimetry Services

  • Quality Control Consumables

  • TLC Scanners

  • Radiopharmacy Software

Through our network of radiopharmacies, GMS has the benefit of daily contact with the majority of nuclear medicine departments across Australia. This level of regular contact allows GMS to interact closely with the key staff within the departments and imaging centres, in order to explore the best solution to your equipment and accessories needs. 

This solution may be a simple off-the-shelf product, or a bespoke item requiring the input of several appropriate stakeholders in order to manufacture. In either instance, GMS will strive to provide you with the most suitable, timely and cost-effective solution.

GMS is the exclusive Australian distributor for Capintec dose calibrators and Comecer’s nuclear medicine and isolation technology equipment. GMS Australia are also experts in department design & construction, with access to expansive in-house expertise supported by a significant nationwide portfolio of projects with major construction companies and radiology groups.Combined with major commercial partnerships covering all aspects of nuclear medicine, PET and theranostics, GMS Australia is genuinely a one stop solution for the molecular imaging industry.