GMS Australia aims to be the region’s leading provider of peptides, radioactive isotopes and related capital equipment to the rapidly expanding Theranostics industry. 

We recognise Theranostics as a quantum shift in molecular imaging & therapy and have worked diligently with leading manufacturers and suppliers to secure innovative solutions supporting Australia’s ongoing research in this field.From imaging agents such as 68Ga & 18F labelled peptides through to complimentary therapeutic tracers such as 177Lu PSMA, GMS Australia has can supply both turn-key solutions for in-house production and contracted supply of finished products (177Lu PSMA). 

Our established relationships with respected suppliers such as Scintomics, IRE, IDB Holland (AAA), Comecer & ABX have been pivotal in assisting departments nationwide develop their theranostic capabilities. Combined with qualified radiopharmacies in all major capital cities and an extensive driver network, GMS Australia is well positioned to serve this developing market moving forward. 

  • Shielded Hot Cells

  • Hoods & Manipulation Equipment

  • Mobile & Desktop Shielding

  • QC Equipment (Full Range of QC Equipment)

  • Peptides (Including PSMA, Dotatate & more)

  • Synthesis Units

  • Imaging & Therapeutic Isotopes (68Ge/68Ga Generators, 18F (QLD Only) & 177Lu Chloride) 

IMAGE OF THE YEAR: PSMA PET before and after lutetium-177 PSMA617 theranostic in 8 patients with metastatic prostate cancer who exhausted standard therapeutic options. 68Ga-PSMA11 PET maximum intensity projection (MIP) images at baseline and 3 months after 177Lu-PSMA617 in 8 patients with PSA decline ≥ 98 percent in a prospective phase II study. Any disease with SUV over 3 is in red. Credit: Michael Hofman, John Violet, Shahneen Sandhu, Justin Ferdinandus, Amir Iravani, Grace Kong, Aravind Ravi Kumar, Tim Akhurst, Sue Ping Thang, Price Jackson, Mark Scalzo, Scott Williams and Rodney Hicks, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia

  • Radioactive Phantoms & Sources

  • Dosimetry Devices & Software

  • Environmental Montoring Systems

  • Radiation Monitoring Equipment

  • Personal Dosimetry Services

  • Shielded Infusion Pumps

  • 68Ge/68Ga Generators