GMS is s the sole commercial supplier of both FDG and PET-related equipment and accessories in Australia. As such, we have an unrivalled expertise and experience in this specialist field, which we utilise to advise our customers on the most appropriate equipment to suit their needs in this rapidly-developing area of practice.


As well as being able to supply PET shielded equipment such as L-blocks and manual injection systems, GMS can also supply Scintomics GRP synthesis modules, IRE Ga/Ge 68 generators, plus the full range of Comecer hot cells and associated PET and isolation equipment, including the IRIS multi-isotope auto-injector.


Below is a guide to the equipment GMS can supply for PET-related applications:-


  • PET syringe and vial shields
  • PET L-blocks and mobile shields
  • Dose calibrators
  • PET shielded transport containers
  • Manual PET injection systems
  • Electronic dosimeters
  • Radioactive sources
  • Comecer production and dispensing hot cells
  • Comecer dispensing equipment
  • Comecer IRIS multi-isotope auto-injector
  • Comecer environmental monitoring system
  • Scintomics cGRP PET isotope synthesis module
  • Scintomics HPLC system
  • Scintomics proprietary peptides for PET isotope labelling
  • IRE Ga/Ge generator


In addition to the above equipment, GMS is also the sole Australian distributor for IDB Holland’s Lutetium-177 LuMark®, manufactured at the only cGMP Lu-177 facility in the world.


GMS Australia has demonstrated an enviable track-record and played a significant role in helping our customers develop multiple PET departments across Australia. GMS’s know-how in this complex and challenging area of practice has enabled many of our customers to bring their new capabilities to operational readiness in a timely and cost-effective way, in doing so meeting patient needs.