Highly versatile synthesizers designed to meet all demands for GMP production and radiopharmaceutical research.

GRP modules combines compact design with unprecedented flexibility and extensive upgrade options, including two interlinked interfaces: the research and GMP expert mode AND the GMP-App mode that offers intuitive simplicity for non-experts. In combination with a comprehensive portfolio of precursors and kits you will be at the forefront of contemporary radiopharmaceutical and theranostic research and GMP production.

  Scintomics GRP V3 Scintomics GRP V4

GRP Modules - Features

GRP™ - the most compact and flexible system on the market.

The components of the GRP™ system are designed to stack directly above one another in order to minimize module footprint and save expensive hot cell space. Alternatively, the stacking may be back set using a special mounting plate to provide further synthesis options and to conform to customers’ hot cells.

Only one single GRP™-unit is necessary to e.g. produce, apart from 18F-FDG and 18F-Fluoride, also other commonly used tracers such as 18F-FET, 18F-FLT, 18F-FMC and 18F-FMISO.

Scintomics GRP V3