Therapy Dose

Therapy Dose

Therapy dose is GMS's Therapeutic Solution to a Nuclear Medicine Departments therapy treatment needs.

Therapeutic doses are compounded specifically for your patient. Therapy doses display the patient name on the script providing that extra confirmatory check.

I-131 Capsules


From the outer package GMS's I-131 capsules display the best quality, excellence and safety in the industry. I-131 capsules come packaged in uniquely designed Tungsten Shielding, providing the safest shielding and easiest handling in the industry.


Our compounding technique and capsule quality is second to none. Our Iodine 131 capsules have been shown in clinical use to leave the lowest active residues in the oesophagus.

Ease of Ordering

GMS provides you with simple, uncomplicated ordering options. When placing an order complicated decay charts are not required to calculate what dose you would have needed on a particular calibration day. All you need to do is let GMS know how much activity you need, what date and time you want it for, and your patient's name. GMS only needs the delivery time to your practice plus 1 hours notice to provide you with your I-131 capsules with the right dose, at the right place, at the right time for your specific patient.

GMS will compound your I-131 capsule specifically for your patient to your specifications.

** Currently GMS only compounds doses 600MBq. All other doses may be ordered but will be compounded out side of GMS therefore some of the above advantages may not apply.