57Co Rectangular Flood Source


GMS Australia are distributors for RadQual Global Sources:

  • Guaranteed source performance.
  • Guaranteed 100% of labelled activity at time of receipt, you get what you pay for.
  • Guaranteed <0.08% combined 56Co/58Co at reference date allowing for immediate use. The days of storing sources for 2 - 3 months are over, resulting in 15 - 20% savings.
  • Guaranteed dual head quality control acquisition. RadQual's source is tested for uniformity on both sides. Coefficient of variation less than +/-1.0% (typical is less than +/-0.8%) and integral uniformity less than +/-2.5% (typical is less than +/-1.7%).
  • All sources are shipped with a custom decay calendar eliminating the need to calculate or guess your source's strength.
  • RadQual performs quality control on every flood source using a gamma camera, thereby ensuring that what we see what you see - 100% of the UFOV.
  • Sealed Source & Device Registration Number is NR 1235-S-104-S.

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