DOAS - Manual PET Injection System


The DOAS PET Injection System allows for safe drawing, dispensing and administration of PET isotopes. The Drawing / Injection Unit mounts on a rotating platform that slides the syringe into the vial and locks in position. The dose can then be drawn using the graded finger pull mechanism, minimizing hand exposure.


The “T” handle on the Drawing / Injection Unit allows for the unit to be easily detached, transported and re docked to the Wheel Base while further minimising hand exposure.

Once the Drawing / Injection Unit have been securely re mounted upright on the rotating platform the dose can then be transported to the patient for administration. Utilising the T handle rotate the Drawing / Injection Unit. Slide the graded finger pull mechanism to administer the dose. To ensure safe radiation practices rotate the Drawing / Injection Unit back to its upright position and transport back to the PET laboratory.




2 Part System:

  1. Stand with 5 wheels
  2. Syringe drawing shield 2.2cm tungsten thickness walls

Syringe shield suitable for 3/5/10ml Syringes

Stand Height: 1m

Weight 7.5kg

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