IRE Galli Eo 68Ge/68Ga Gallium Generator

IRE Ga68 20mCi

Today many tracers for diagnostic imaging PET (positron emission tomography) use the fluor-18, a radioisotope with short half-life, produced in a cyclotron near the medical examinations, which requires a long and heavy material and financial investment. Gallium-68 is another radioisotope equally favourable for PET imaging with physical characteristics similar to fluor-18, its half-life is also very short but it has the advantage of being obtained more easily and at lower cost through a generator germanium-68 / gallium-68 used directly in the radiopharmacy.

To facilitate the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals using gallium-68 without compromising the safety of operators and patients, the Galli Eo™ generator produced by IRE ELiT is a fully integrated, closed system to get rapidly highly concentrated and very pure preparations minimizing loss of activity. The design quite innovative limits the risk of error and contamination. Finally, this generator can be used manually or connected to a synthesis module. This optimal system for using labelling kit with gallium-68 will probably enable, thanks to imaging, a better management of cancer (neuroendocrine cancers, prostate cancer...) and other infectious diseases.

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